This is a sample of your normal, every day run of the mill service of process.  This is about how it goes 70% of the time.  I am very cordial and non aggressive. I usually try to introduce myself with an handshake to help keep the situation non confrontational.


In some cases I am ran out to the middle of nowhere to serve process. This was one of the cases. In these cases I usually leave the paperwork in my vehicle in case they are expecting me. It makes it less noticeable and easier to get my job done if they don't think I am a server.

Please feel free to view samples of Process Service below.

Good Service.  This is an example of good service on an individual who is "Offered and Refuses Service".  This happens in many situations, especially landlord tenant actions.

This is a sample of a setup service.  This individual was avoiding service so I got him coming out of an appointment.  He tried to avoid at first then got out of his car and though about being aggressive but backed down and huff and puffed back into the building.

Personal Service.  Again, non confrontational or aggressive.  I introduce myself and show important parts of the subpoena to the individual such as the court date and time.  The attorneys name and phone number.

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